Lavash Nachos

Lavash Nachos

LAVASH NACHOS Serves 2 Who doesn’t enjoy a plate of cheesy, crisp and crunchy Nachos? Our Nomad Breads meat free Lavash Nachos recipe makes a quick and easy snack or supper for two – the only problem is that you won’t want to share!

Avocado Basil Pesto

Avocado Basil Pesto

AVOCADO BASIL PESTO The addition of avocado to this traditional basil pesto recipe creates a creamy texture that’s perfect for spreading on your Nomad Breads Lavash wraps or serving as a dip with warm Nomad Breads Turkish.

Spicy White Bean Dip

Spicy White Bean Dip

SPICY WHITE BEAN DIP Serves a crowd Chipotle peppers are smoke dried jalapeños that have been canned in adobo sauce providing both sweet and sour flavours. They give delicious, smoky warmth to this Spicy White Bean Dip. Serve yours with homemade Nomad Breads Lavash crisps.

Pizza Dip

Pizza Dip Recipe

PIZZA DIP Serves a Crowd Featuring all your favourite Italian flavours, the cheesy, warm Pizza Dip served with Nomad Breads Garlic Turkish is great for feeding a crowd.

Baba Ghanoush

Baba Ghanoush Recipe

BABA GHANOUSH Baba Ghanoush is a smoky, rich and creamy dip with Middle Eastern origins. Featuring charred eggplants and tahini paste it’s delicious served with warmed Nomad Breads Garlic Turkish.

Baked Camembert

Baked Camembert

BAKED CAMEMBERT Serves 4 Who could resist a lovely warm Baked Camembert cheese flavoured with fresh rosemary and white wine served with toasted Nomad Breads Garlic Turkish soldiers for dipping?

Beetroot Hummus

Nomad Breads Beetroot Hummus Recipe

BEETROOT HUMMUS This striking Beetroot Hummus is deliciously sweet and wholesome. It takes just a few minutes to prepare in your food processor so it’s perfect for last minute entertaining. Serve your Beetroot Hummus with fingers of warmed Nomad Breads Turkish.

Za’atar Spice Blend

Nomad Breads Za'atar Spice Blend Recipe

ZA’ATAR SPICE BLEND Za’atar is a popular Middle Eastern spice mixture used as a dip, rub, seasoning and marinade. For a delicious dip mix some quality extra virgin olive oil with some of this Za’atar Spice Blend and serve with warmed Nomad Breads Turkish.  

Green Goddess Dip

Nomad Breads Green Goddess Dip Recipe

GREEN GODDESS DIP This dip is packed full of delicious green herbs with the zesty tang of feta cheese and Greek yoghurt and it tastes delicious spread on warm Nomad Breads Original Turkish.