Caprese Toastie

Caprese Toastie

CAPRESE TOASTIE Makes 1 With fresh green basil, stretchy white mozzarella and ruby red tomato, this Caprese Toastie recipe served on a Nomad Breads Turkish Roll has all the colours of the Italian flag!



BLAT Serves 4 Our version of the classic BLAT includes a fried egg and creamy avocado served on warmed Nomad Breads Turkish. We’ve nicknamed it a BLEAT!

Turkish Pizza

Nomad Breads Turkish Pizza Recipe

TURKISH PIZZA Serves 4 Similar to a kebab – Turkish Pizza or Lahmacun is flatbread topped with a spicy lamb or beef filling that is then baked before being rolled up and eaten with the hands as a snack food. Salad, pickles and lemon juice are sometimes added to the cooked pizza before rolling.

Spinach Quesadilla

Nomad Breads Spinach Quesadilla Recipe

SPINACH QUESADILLA Serves 4 This quick and easy Spinach Quesadilla recipe made with Nomad Breads Original Lavash makes the perfect alternative to a sandwich for your next lunch or late night supper.

Beef Brisket Sliders

Nomad Breads Beef Brisket Sliders Recipe

BEEF BRISKET SLIDERS Serves 4 Beef brisket is an affordable cut of meat that is delicious when slow cooked with big flavours. Here we serve slices of tender beef brisket on a Nomad Breads Original Turkish Roll with crunchy coleslaw and barbeque sauce for a fun family dinner.